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June 6th
Private Party
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The Tribal Nation show hits fast with a hard roots reggae flavor creating a natural environment for those who like to catch some positive lyrics and feel the BASS and DRUM direct the roots reggae beat. Whether you like to listen or be out on the dance floor, Tribal Nation makes you want to move your body to the beat.

Tribal Nation is composed of seasoned musicians from many popular reggae bands. Former members of One Nation, Killer Bees, Root 1, The Gingerbread Men, Burning Spear, along with featured Toaster out of Houston, TX, and from the Liberation Band, Phillip White (aka Professor Permananz), come together to join with Tribal Nation's veteran musicians to form a powerful musical mixture that will definitely keep you on the dance floor.

The majority of Tribal Nation material is original, drawing from the combination of three singer/songwriters. Each artist shares an array of songs, creating a mix that explodes with the distinct roots reggae style of Tribal Nation.

The vocalists create tightly woven harmonies that are full-bodied and sweet. Bubbling keys and rhythmic guitars, pumping intertwined leads, alongside two hot saxophones, a mesmerizing trumpet and a wailing trombone with a powerful barry saxophone to round out the bottom to fashion the melody of the music. BASS and DRUM set a rootsy reggae pace.
Tribal Nation has shared the stage with many great regional and international acts such as:  
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Tribal Nation!
San Antonio Express
--"The band uses roots reggae as a foundation, but uses considerable imagination and an equal amount of musical proficiency to build on the Jamaica-bred music.
Alpine Avalanche
--"Tribal Nation, I believe has that groove. And they funk in style. They turn up that bass, mesmerize you with phat tropicalities of rhythm..."
The Edge Magazine
--"...Readers poll has nominated Tribal Nation best reggae band of 2003..."
Austin American Statesman
"an eminant wall of danceable grooves" - Michael Point
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